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Dascom LA800 Printer -

Dascom Dot Matrix Printers - DEC Compatible


  • 24 Pin Print Head, Up to 1000 Cps
  • Continuous Front Load Tractors (Up To 6 Part Forms) and Manual Cut Sheet Insertion are Standard. Can Be Configured with Optional 2nd Front Feed Tractors. LOAD 2 FORMS AT ONCE!
  • Parallel, Serial and Ethernet Connectivity Are Standard
  • Heavy-Duty, Up to 40,000 Page Per Month Workload

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Dascom LA800

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Series Specifications (PDF)

Available Model(s)

Mfg Model Description Part #
Dascom LA800+ 24 Wire, 800 Cps (10 Cpi, Draft), Serial/Parallel/Ethernet, Includes DEC MMJ Adapter, 917933

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