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DASCOM Group operates worldwide in over 50 countries with an array of business focuses including research, design and manufacture of advanced printing solutions.

  • High Speed, Heavy Duty
  • Mid Range
  • 4347 "i" Series
  • DEC Compatible
  • Mobile Truck Printer

Heavy Duty Impact Desptop Printers

Ideally suited for multi-part forms, report generation, and label/tag printing applications. Durable, reliable, fast and quiet.

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Mid Range Forms Printers

DASCOM's mid range serial matrix printers are designed for medium duty transaction and back office printing applications, where fast throughput and flexible paper management are required.

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IBM/Infoprint 4247 Replacements

Heavy duty forms printer, ideally suited of multi-part report generation, and label/tag printing applications. Suggest replacement for the IBM/Infoprint 4247 Series.

Available Product Series

  • Dascom 4347 "i" Series

    Heavy Duty Forms Printers, Print Speeds Up to 1000 Cps and 50K Page/Month Workloads, Up to 9 Part Forms Handling.

Dascom Dot Matrix Printers - DEC Compatible

The LA series dot matrix printers were specially developed for the Digital/Compaq VAX/VMS/Open VMS environment, and have DEC ANSI emulation to ensure easy integration. With a total of six different models, there is a great selection, whatever your requirements. Thanks to the two-line LCD display, all settings can be quickly and simply adjusted, and not only locally; network printers can be centrally administered using the DASCOM web interface.

Available Product Series

Mobile/Truck Printer

DASCOM’s MIP480 Mobile/Truck printer is a rugged serial dot matix (impact) printer which is desinged to mount into the delivery vehicle to print proof of delivery and receipt documents especially where milti-part forms are required.

Available Product Series

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